Non-surgical Vaginal Tightening

Mr David Griffiths and his team were one of the very first centres in the UK to offer revolutionary ThermiVa procedure, a non surgical out patient treatment for vulvovaginal symptoms. Mr Griffiths who trained in the UK and at Harvard University with over twenty years of consultant experience is one of the few gynaecologists who specialises in pelvic floor problems to offer the procedure.

'I first saw the ThermiVa in 2015 at a conference in the USA. I realised that this was an innovative procedure that would benefit many of my patients with pelvic floor concerns. Women, too often, suffer in silence with pelvic floor laxity and urinary problems and do not feel that their symptoms warrant surgical attention. The ThermiVa procedure tightens the vagina so that women can reclaim, restore and revive female wellness without discomfort or downtime. The ThermiVa although not suitable for every woman is for some a life changer'

The ThermiVa uses radiofrequency energy to encourage collagen production which tightens the vulval and vagina tissues. The procedure enhances sexual satisfaction and many report improvements in their bladder and bowel function.

The treatment consists of three 30 minute sessions each a month apart. No anaesthesia is required and there is an immediate return to social and physical activities.

ThermiVa pricing

Initial consultation and examinationFree
First treatment£699
Second treatment£699
Third treatment£499
Package of 3 treatments£1850

Common questions

Please click here for common questions and answers regarding the ThermiVa procedure.


'I had a Hallelujah of a weekend'
Mrs E.P. after one session of Thermiva.

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am after my first treatment. I was suffering from urinary stress incontinence and (I hate to admit it) occasional slight faecal leakage. I suppose that this may well have been the result of previous forceps and Ventouse deliveries.I now no longer feel the need to wear a pad “just in case” and as a consequence feel much happier and more confident. I should also let you know that it has had a real impact on my sex life. I have been married for 38 years, and since my treatment, both my husband and me find that sex is as good as it was before I had my children (20 years ago).'

Mrs C.A. in Cheltenham

Well I thought I should wait for two days to give you my feedback - and I am delighted (and very very grateful!) to say it's worked!! I honestly cannot believe it. First day I went for a 50 minute walk with my dog (wearing a pad just in case) and I was worried that I was leaking but when I got home I was dry. Today, completely dry again. After the procedure I did have a heavy feeling a bit like a period pain which dragged on until mid morning next day, but today, no sensation or heavy feeling at all. Initially I have to admit I was a bit cynical thinking it couldn't possibly work but - so far so good and I'm thrilled to bits!!

I have suffered with bladder problems since giving birth to my eldest daughter 28 years ago, a long labour, and subsequently I developed a prolapse. After completing my family I had an anterior repair in 2002 but gradually over the years my vagina walls became lax again despite pelvic floor exercises, also because I’m quite active physically I did cause strain on the pelvic floor during yoga classes. It was beginning to cause me severe distress at times even though I didn’t suffer from urinary incontinence it would feel very uncomfortable towards the end of the day, a heavy and dragging feeling.

I’m also recently in a new relationship so felt quite self conscious during intercourse. I’m pleased to say that my partner (who didn’t know I was having the procedure) also noticed a difference. Following the treatment I started to notice everything felt firmer and that even after a long day at work, where I’m on my feet a lot and do a lot of walking, it felt firmer and more supported. My frequency has improved plus my urine flow seems to be better. I’m looking forward to seeing the difference after 2 more treatments, and hopefully I won’t require anymore surgery, which is certainly something I would wish to avoid.

I had previously had surgery for a uterine prolapse and more recently an anterior repair for a bladder prolapse, but I still felt a bulge in the vagina, vaginal dryness and sex was uncomfortable with out the use of lubricant. Following my first treatment of Thermiva the feeling of a bulge in the vagina has improved and already feels tighter, also externally the labia feels fuller, I have not had to use the lubricant as before and the vaginal dryness is much improved and sex is much more pleasurable. The treatment was pain free and had no adverse side effects and was able to continue with normal activities straight away. I am looking forward to continuing with the treatment and seeing further improvement.

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